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Ask (USD)
Gold 1,242.60 1.19%
Silv 16.57 1.25%
Plat 923.00 1.07%
Pall 856.00 0.81%

Silver Gifts & Gold Presents at Kitco Metals

Give something really precious to your loved ones. Kitco offers many unique silver gift ideas and a selection of gifts in gold. 

Our selection of precious metal gift ideas includes colored silver coins, unique silver rounds, and even a bull and bear silver statue, all designed to impress your family, friends, and loved ones. We also carry an exclusive selection of great gold gifts, including gold collectible coins and unique gold jewelry items such as our gold nugget pendant and matching gold nugget earrings.

Sterling Silver Chess Pieces
USD $1,728.45
Precious Metals Puzzle
USD $1,322.50
2017 1 oz Silver Star Wars Bullion Coin - Darth Vader
USD $20.58
SAVEBulk Discount
20+ $20.28 ea.
100+ $19.98 ea.
250+ $19.77 ea.
Gold Cufflinks - 1/10th oz Gold Krugerrand (various years)
14 K Gold Chain 15.7 inches
USD $158.40
14 K Gold Chain 19.7 inches
USD $192.00
 Gold Krugerrand Watch (various years)
25 x 1g Gold MapleGram25™ (Random Year)
USD $1,129.25
SAVEBulk Discount
10+ $1,124.25 ea.
1g Gold MapleGram25™ Coin (Random Year)
USD $50.46
SAVEBulk Discount
10+ $49.46 ea.
20+ $47.46 ea.
25+ $45.37 ea.
1 oz Gold Royal Canadian Mint Bar
USD $1,270.00
SAVEBulk Discount
10+ $1,268.90 ea.
25+ $1,268.19 ea.
1 oz Gold Degussa Bar
USD $1,278.20
SAVEBulk Discount
10+ $1,273.20 ea.
5 oz Gold PAMP Suisse Bar Lady Fortuna (Veriscan)
USD $6,350.99
SAVEBulk Discount
5+ $6,335.99 ea.
10 oz Gold PAMP Suisse Bar Lady Fortuna (Veriscan)
USD $12,622.00
SAVEBulk Discount
3+ $12,612.00 ea.
6+ $12,592.00 ea.
1 oz Gold RMC Bar
USD $1,271.70
SAVEBulk Discount
10+ $1,266.70 ea.
25+ $1,260.70 ea.
1 oz Gold Australian Kangaroo Coin (Random Year)
USD $1,282.19
SAVEBulk Discount
10+ $1,277.19 ea.
20+ $1,272.19 ea.
1 oz Gold Austrian Philharmonic Coin
USD $1,283.20
SAVEBulk Discount
10+ $1,279.70 ea.
20+ $1,276.70 ea.
1 oz Silver Coin Warriors of History - Romans .999
100 oz Silver Round Poker Set
USD $2,186.00
2015 1 oz Silver ''Don't Tread On Me''- Silver Shield BU Round .999
10 oz Silver Republic Metals Corp. (RMC) Silver Bar
USD $174.95
SAVEBulk Discount
10+ $173.30 ea.
20+ $172.30 ea.
50+ $171.40 ea.
2016 1 oz Silver Cougar Coin - RCM Predator Series
USD $19.78
SAVEBulk Discount
25+ $19.58 ea.
100+ $19.38 ea.
500+ $19.18 ea.
Pure Silver Domino Game .999
USD $2,242.50
2015 1 oz Silver ''Bull''-Silver Shield Round .999
QUADRUM Coin Capsule
USD $0.50

Silver Gift Items

Come see our unique silver bullion barscolored silver coinssilver poker chips setsilver bull and bear statuesilver dominoes, and other unique silver gifts.


Gold Presents

Check out our unique gold gift inventory complete with collectible gold coins, gold Krugerrand watchgold nugget pendant , gold earrings, and other unique gold gift ideas.

Gold and Silver gifts are unique for many occasions.  Presents of gold and silver can be for children, grandchildren, Mother's day, Valentine's day, or even as corporate gifts for the office.  Bullion is the gift of wealth and permanence - a gift to be appreciated and that may also appreciate in time. Silver and gold gifts will be remembered and cherished long after plastic and digital presents are forgotten. Presents of gold and silver are perfect options for your office gifts, whether for employee Christmas gifts, to celebrate a corporate achievement or milestone, or simply as a present for a top employee. 


Why buy bullion gifts from Kitco Metals?

Kitco offers many unique gold presents and silver gift ideas. A gift of gold or silver always has value, whether for a special occasion, for an annual gift, or even for a once-a-year tax strategy. If you are considering gifts of gold or silver as bullion or in larger amounts, you can learn more about the spot price of gold, and the market for gold and silver on our award-winning news website. Or browse our Gold Coins, Silver Coins, and Gold Bars.  

Established in 1977, Kitco is the world’s #1 Gold News website and a trusted online silver and gold bullion dealer.

Please reach out to our first class Customer Service Representatives by email <> or by calling them at 1 877 775-4826 (US and Canada) or at 1 514 313-9999 (Worldwide).