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Payments and fees

Below you’ll find the most frequently asked questions on how to pay for your precious metals purchased with Kitco including credit card, bank wire and check options.

  1. How can I pay for my purchase?

    Payment for purchase transactions is due within three (3) business days of placing your transaction. Payment for a Kitco purchase transaction depends both on your country of residence (or the country in which your principal place of business is located) and the value of your purchase, as follows:

      U.S. and Canadian customers

      Payment Type

      Up to $1,000

      up to $7,500


      over $10,000

      Holding Period

      Cleared Funds on a Kitco Account*





      No Hold

      Credit Card**





      No Hold






      No Hold

      Bitcoin ***





      No Hold

      Bank Wire





      No Hold

      Bank Check‡

      Bank Draft‡

      Bank Money Order‡§





      3 Business Days

      Personal / Company Check†





      6 Business Days


      Purchase in Euros or pounds sterling can ONLY be paid by Bank wire or Cleared funds on a Kitco account

      If paying at our retail store in Montreal, other payment options, or restrictions may apply. Please call us at 1-877-7754826 to go over your payment options. 

      Please note: to ensure compliance with anti-money laundering/counter-terrorist financing regulations, incoming payments are subject to review. We may request additional information or documents to clarify the source of funds.

      *Funds on account are considered cleared when there are no holds placed on the funds.

      ** Depending on shipping address, purchase limits on Credit Cards and PayPal can be limited to $1,000 or up to $7,500 USD/CAD. Purchases of Kitco Pool or VaultChain cannot be paid by Credit Card or PayPal. Kitco may require additional verification for transactions paid by credit card and PayPal. Orders that go through verification are typically shipped within 48 hours.

      *** Kitco may require additional verification for transactions paid by Bitcoin. Orders that go through verification are typically shipped within 48 hours.

      ‡All other types of checks, bank drafts and money orders are subject to a holding period of three (3) business days from the date of deposit to ensure clearance. Bank Drafts received in person at our retail store in Montreal, are subject to a five (5) business day hold. 

      §Only money orders issued by banks are acceptable. Kitco does not accept postal money orders.

      †Personal and business checks are subject to a holding period of six (6) business days from the date of deposit to ensure clearance.

      Checks will be returned to you by Kitco if they are incorrectly written (with an incorrect or missing date, dollar amount discrepancies, incorrect spelling, missing signature, etc.). Your bank will return your check if there are insufficient funds in your bank account or if your bank account is closed or not traceable. Should this happen, you will be charged an administrative fee of $35 (USD for U.S. dollar amounts and CAD for Canadian dollar amounts). Checks returned by Kitco will be sent to you by regular mail. At your request, we can return your check by courier for a fee of $30 (USD for U.S. dollar amounts and CAD for Canadian dollar amounts).


      • When sending us a check, please ensure that it is drawn in favor of Kitco Metals Inc. and that your name and account number are clearly referenced on the check, as illustrated here
      • When sending us a bank wire, please carefully follow our bank wire instructions. In the reference line of your bank wire, please put the Kitco account holder’s name, followed by the Kitco account number in parentheses [e.g. John Smith (0123456)].
      • Kitco does not accept multiple bank wires, checks or money orders sent at the same time.
      • Kitco does not accept Automatic Clearing House (ACH) payments. This type of payment will be rejected by our financial institution.
      • Important Notice for online banking Customers:
        • If you are wiring funds through online banking, select the same-day bank wire option to ensure the funds are properly received by Kitco.
        • Many financial institution's online services also offer same-day, one(1), and three(3) day options which are considered ACH transfers and will be rejected.

      International customers

      International customers can pay for their Kitco purchases by any of the following methods:

      Are there discounts for certain methods of payment?

      If you choose to pay for your transaction by bank wire, bank check, personal check, or funds on your account, a 4% discount will apply. If you choose to pay for your transaction by Bitcoin, a 3% discount will apply. The different payment methods and their immediate applicable discounts are displayed on the product details page of any item you are looking to purchase.

      Where and in what name should I send my payment?

      If you are paying us from the funds on your account, you do not need to send us any money. We will deduct the sum you owe us from the funds on your Kitco account.

      If you are paying us by bank wire, the beneficiary should be Kitco Metals Inc. Detailed bank wire instructions (address, account number, etc.) will be available on the Transaction Processing page during the checkout process and in the confirmation email that you will receive.

      NOTE: To speed up your purchase, please carefully follow our bank wire instructions. In the reference line of your bank wire, please put the Kitco account holder’s name, followed by the Kitco account number in parentheses [e.g. John Smith (0123456)].

      If you are paying us by personal or company check, please make out your check to Kitco Metals Inc. and include your name and Kitco account number.  See check example. You may send your check to one of the following addresses

      Canadian Residents:

      Kitco Metals Inc.
      620 Cathcart, Suite 900
      Montreal, QC H3B 1M1

      US Residents:

      Kitco Metals Inc.
      64 Lake Street, Suite 101
      Rouses Point, NY 12979

      Can I pay in multiple currencies?

      • If your entire payment is by bank wire, you cannot pay in multiple currencies but must pay in your transacting currency only
      • If a part of your payment is by bank wire, the bank wire component of your payment must be in your transacting currency only
      • If part of your payment is by funds held on your Kitco account, you may pay in any of the following currencies:
        • U.S. dollars
        • Canadian dollars
        • Euros
        • British pounds

      If you pay in a different currency from the one you purchased in, your payment currency will be converted into the purchase currency at Kitco’s daily currency exchange rate.

      Can I pay for my purchase through PayPal or by Credit Card?

      Kitco currently accepts both Visa, MasterCard, and PayPal for purchase transactions in U.S. or Canadian Dollars, with a value up to $1,000 for new accounts or a non-verified shipping address, and up to including $7,500 for verified shipping addresses. To purchase with a Credit Card or PayPal you must reside in the United States or Canada. Kitco is unable to accept pre-paid credit cards for purchase transactions.

      What does Kitco need from me when paying by Credit Card or PayPal?

      In some cases, Kitco may require additional information from you to process orders paid by Credit Cards or PayPal. This verification step is done to protect both our customers, and Kitco. Should you not wish to proceed with verification, you may send an alternate method of payment to pay for your order. If you chose to send in a different method of payment and your credit card or PayPal account has been charged, you will be reimbursed within 24-48 hours.


      Do I have to give you my credit card number online?

      Yes, it is required for you to provide your credit card information when asked to do so. We may need a valid Visa or MasterCard credit card to confirm your price, pay for your purchase transaction, or charge certain fees (such as shipping and insurance fees) if you opt to pay them by credit card. We may charge your card if market loss repayments or other fees become payable.

      Kitco has put in place several advanced technological security measures to protect your personal data. Kitco is PCI compliant ( however, if you are uncomfortable with giving us your credit card information online, you can provide it over the phone by calling 1 877 775-4826 or 514 313-9999 from 8:30 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. ET, Monday to Thursday, and from  8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. ET Friday.

      Is it safe to buy precious metals with a credit card?

      It is both safe and convenient to purchase precious metals from Kitco with your credit card. Kitco is PCI Compliant (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard). Some orders may require a manual review for your protection. This reduces the risks involved with using your credit card for online purchases.

      Can I pay for my purchase in cash?

      Yes, you can pay for your purchase with cash, but the following limitations apply:

      • Cash payments can be made only at our retail store in Montreal (open 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. ET, Monday to Friday)
      • Only payments in U.S. or Canadian dollars can be made with cash 
      • Kitco can only accept payments up to a maximum of $40,000 CAD cash limit per day and per transaction.
      • We ask that 85% of the note denominations be in $50 and $100.

      Purchases of all sizes, including those made online or over the phone can be paid for fully or partially with cash as long as the purchase is being picked up at our Montreal retail store. Purchases being delivered to you cannot be paid for in cash. Euro and pound sterling payments cannot be made in cash.

      What are intermediary bank fees? How much should I send to cover these costs?

      Most international wire transfers pass through at least one intermediary bank. Intermediary bank fees are levied by these intermediary banks and not by the sender or recipient bank. If you specify the exact amount that should reach Kitco, your bank could advise you on how much more money you need to send to cover the intermediary bank fees. Usually, an additional U.S. $25 should be enough to cover these fees.

      Does Kitco accept Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrencies?

      Kitco accepts Bitcoin as a payment method for orders up to $10,000 USD. Transactions paid with Bitcoin can only be placed in USD and are accepted for residents in the United States and Canada.

      How do I pay for my purchase with Bitcoin?

      Select Bitcoin as your method of payment in the checkout process. All prices and exchange rates are locked in once your order is placed. The Bitcoin exchange rate is provided by BitPay. Wallet fees are not included on the BitPay invoice. Once your order is submitted, you will have 15 minutes to submit payment. An invoice including a QR code will be presented to you. There are 3 ways to pay your invoice.

      1. By QR Code:

      Scan the QR code to open the payment in your mobile wallet. Your wallet will lock in with the correct receiving bitcoin address and sending amount. Then make the payment.

      2. Send the Payment Manually

      Copy the payment URL (Beginning with bitcoin:?r=https://) from the invoice and paste it into your wallet's "Send" screen. Confirm your payment details, then send the payment.

      3. Open the Payment in your Wallet

      If your wallet is on the device you're using to view the invoice, you can open the payment in your wallet by tapping "Open in wallet". Confirm everything is correct, and you can send the payment from your wallet. 

      Once Kitco receives your payment, a confirmation email will be sent to you. Your order will be shipped within 24 hours of the invoice being paid.

      Which wallets work best for my Bitcoin payment?

      Kitco recommends using a wallet that supports Payment Protocol-compatible to ensure payment and avoid delays. Click here to see a list of recommended wallets

      What are your exchange rates for Bitcoin?

      You can see the Bitcoin exchange rate during checkout by selecting "Bitcoin" as your payment type. The Bitcoin exchange rates are also listed on the right-hand side of our products page along with currency exchange rates.

      Why is my Bitcoin Order Underpaid?

      There are some reasons why you may have underpaid:

      1) You entered in the fiat value of the invoice (USD) instead of the requested Bitcoin amount due. Since rates can vary slightly among wallets and services, entering the requested Bitcoin amount instead of the dollar amount will ensure the correct amount transfers. If you choose to manually enter the invoice amount in your wallet before sending, always enter the exact bitcoin amount listed.

      2) You used a Bitcoin Exchange to make the payment. Bitcoin exchanges typically deduct fees from any outgoing payments. They also use different bitcoin exchange rates than the ones used on BitPay invoices.

      3) You paid no or a low fee. Check your wallet client settings to ensure that a standard miner fee or transaction fee amount is included in your payment. Since miners are incentivized to confirm payments by miner fees, not including a fee or paying a low fee may cause the payment to come in after the 15-minute window.

      How are bitcoin refunds completed?

      In the event a refund is required, Kitco will issue a refund through BitPay at the USD rate at the time of the refund. Refunds include the BTC amount minus the paid network cost fee and miner fee that it costs BitPay to return the transaction.

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