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Perth Mint

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Kitco actively buys and sells popular Perth Mint coins and Perth Mint bullion bars.

100 g Gold Perth Mint Bar
100 g Gold Perth Mint Bar As Low As: USD $6,430.27
1+ $6,430.27 $6,698.20 $6,698.20
10 oz Gold Perth Mint Bar As Low As: USD $19,850.00
1+ $19,900.00 $20,729.17 $20,729.17
3+ $19,850.00 N/A N/A

Why buy Perth Mint Coins & Perth Mint Bars?

The Perth Mint is an Australian wholly owned and official government bullion mint. Popular Perth Mint Australia bullion products include Gold Australian Kangaroo CoinsGold Perth Mint Bars, and Silver Australian Koala Coins.

Perth Mint bullion coins and bullion bars are guaranteed by the government of Australia. The Perth Mint is popular due to the mint’s pursuit of bullion and coin striking perfection.

The Perth Mint produces some of the highest quality bullion bars and bullion coins in the world with limited mintage and excellent premium performance due to their collectability.

Gold Perth Mint Bars

The Perth Mint is one of a select few official government bullion mints that produces government guaranteed gold bullion bars.

Perth Mint gold bars range in sizes from 100 gram all the way up to 400 oz gold bars.

Gold Australian Kangaroo Coins

A Perth Mint gold coin series started in 1986, each successive year has featured a new kangaroo coin design building a rabid worldwide gold coin collector following.

The coins are struck in sizes ranging from as small as 1/20 oz to 1 kilo gold coin sizes. The 1 oz Gold Kangaroo Coin is consistently the most minted and purchased size of the coins.

Silver Perth Mint Bars

The Perth Mint is one of a select few official government bullion mints that issues government guaranteed silver bullion bars.

Perth Mint silver bars range in sizes as small as 10 ounces to 1000 oz silver bars.

Silver Australian Koala Coins

First struck in 2007, The Perth Mint Silver Koala Coins have gained intense popularity and price premiums in the world’s secondary silver bullion trading markets.

Mintages are typically capped at 300,000 Silver Koala coins. This makes these Perth Mint silver coins very collectible and potentially able to appreciate in collectible premiums as well.

Perth Mint History

Perth Mint opened in 1899 in Perth, Australia. From then until Great Britain went off the gold standard in 1931, The Perth Mint struck some 106 million gold sovereign coins and close to 735,000 half gold sovereigns for use in Australia and throughout the British Empire. 

The Perth Mint is older than the Royal Australian Mint and since 1987 The Perth Mint has been focused on its mission of creating and overseeing Australia’s official bullion coin program.

Perth Mint location:

  • Perth, Australia


Kitco is an active buyer and seller of Perth Mint coins and Perth Mint bullion bars.

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