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Gold & Silver Bullion Buying Basics

Why buy bullion

Learn why record levels of investors are buying physical gold, silver, and other physical precious metal bullion products.

How to buy bullion

Understand the smartest and safest ways to buy and own bullion according to your objectives.

What bullion to buy

Discover which types of gold, platinum, palladium, rhodium, or silver bullion products best fit your objectives.


See some of the smartest and safest ways to both buy and sell your bullion coins, bars, and rounds.

Becoming Your Own Central Bank

Now possibly more than ever in the 21st Century, investors should retain some direct sovereignty over a portion of their wealth and savings through direct ownership of physical precious metal bullion products (e.g. bullion coins, bullion rounds, bullion bars containing precious metal).

Many government and central bank policy responses to the 2008 Financial Crisis have been unprecedented monetary experiments whose ultimate repercussions remain fully unresolved to date.

Below are some figures and facts on what has occurred since 2008:


It appears central banks, governments, and loan issuers around the world are still facing a deflation of unserviceable debts and perhaps more so than ever before (note moment 2:50 here with a former BIS economist).

What this means longterm is that structural reforms will most likely have to be undertaken to get the global economy back onto solid footing. Getting from here to there may produce unprecedented market volatility akin or perhaps even beyond that of the 2008 Financial Crisis.

The current global banking system ultimately relies on institutional and human confidence, compliance, and solvency. This is perhaps one of the main reasons why many central bankers consistently attempt to trivialize bullion with their words (yet especially since the inception of the 2008 financial crisis) many government sanctioned central banks have been actively buying physical gold bullion to the tune of tens of millions of ounces each and every year:


Central Bank Gold Buying


Perhaps individual investors should follow net positive central bank gold bullion buying by: 

    •    beginning to diversify their wealth outside of the their local fiat currency and even US dollar holdings, as all fiat currencies have lost tremendous value to bullion since the year 2000 (about the time when bullion's global 21st Century secular bull market began).

    •    owning some gold bullion outright (and perhaps some silver, platinum, palladium, and possibly rhodium too) as a a form of savings and value-protection against fluctuations in local currencies and the US dollar.

    •    accumulating and storing precious metal bullion reserves slowly over time (either directly in hand or owned outright in fully insured allocated non-bank bullion storage accounts).

    •    maintaining one's bullion ownership private and do not selling any unless for emergency funding or perhaps once the structural fundamental investment factors for bullion accumulation have finally changed or substantially digressed.


Learn more about bullion investing fundamentals and bullion terminology to better diversify and potentially benefit your own longterm savings and monetary reserves with Kitco Metal Inc.

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