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Engagement presents and wedding gifts, unique and precious

Engagements and weddings are a time for gift giving, but do these gifts stand the test of time? A gift of gold or silver has lasting worth, maintaining and even growing in value through the years. Offer your bride and groom a unique gift of gold or silver.

Wonderful gifts for a wedding include pure silver such as the 2 oz silver yin yang round, symbolizing the two contrary but complimentary forces of dark and light, strength and gentleness, man and woman. 

If the bride and groom are getting married in Las Vegas, you can combine a precious silver bullion gift with the fun of poker, with a set of four Silver Ace Bars in genuine silver bullion. Other silver gifts for weddings include a set of 5 sterling silver dice, a pure silver domino game, and poker set containing 100 oz of real silver rounds. The bridesmaids and groomsmen will treasure a brilliant gold coin as a gift, or you can consider a bundle of pure silver coins for a valuable wedding party present. Jewelry is a great gift for bridesmaids, and the groomsmen may appreciate a present like our Sterling Silver Dice set. A gift to honor the mother of the bride might be one of our precious long stemmed roses, each created from a living flower then plated in gold. 

If you would prefer a financial gift of gold bullion for the bride and groom, we invite you to contact our experts.

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