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Buy 1 oz Silver Pieces of Eight Silver Shield Rounds

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Buy Silver Shield Pieces of Eight Rounds

The first modern silver round commemorating both the original Spanish Pieces of Eight silver coins and Pirate lore is here.

‘Praedatum In Mundo’ translates into "A Predatory World" that defines the struggle of man against nature to extract this rare, precious metal, but also the violent clash of civilizations to control the treasure of the world.

The ocean and sky in the background of the Silver Shield Pieces of Eight Rounds represent the treacherous seas that would claim many a man in search of this glorious treasure. Explorers who sought to find new trading routes with Asia soon discovered the new world and all of its riches.

The Silver Shield Pieces of Eight has an Aztec inspired lower border that represents the powerful Native American empires that arose long before European discovery.

The star design on the obverse side represents the eight pieces of the original Spanish Dollar. Each point of the star on this solid 1 ounce silver round shows the 8 fractional measures, with each section embossed with 1/8th oz and the 999 purity. This modern Pieces of Eight silver coin cannot be broken into 8 pieces without destroying its collectible value.

Kitco offers Silver Shield Pieces of Eight Rounds for sale on our online store. Our competitive silver prices allow you to add 1 oz Silver Shield Pieces of Eight Rounds to your holdings today. Multiples of 20 silver rounds ship in an original mint tube.

Buy Silver Pieces of Eight Rounds online now.

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About the Golden State Mint

Golden State Mint (GSM) produces the 1 oz Silver Shield Pieces of Eight Rounds and is a recognized full-service precious metals refinery that has been in the precious metals business for 40 years. Some of their affiliations include the International Precious Metals Institute (IMPI) and the Industry Council for Tangible Assets (ICTA). The Golden State Mint offers a broad range of gold and silver bullion for the savvy buyer.

Why buy Silver Pieces of Eight Rounds at Kitco?

Kitco Metals is a trusted leader in silver bullion and within the precious metals industry. Silver rounds and other precious metals sold by Kitco are recognized in silver bullion markets around the world. With our core focus on silver bullion, you benefit from our low silver prices and premiums that are highly competitive in the silver bullion industry. 

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