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Fundamental Supply Demand Factors for Bullion


Learn why increasing levels of central banks and individual investors are buying physical gold bullion products.


Understand today's silver supply and demand fundamentals. How silver is used and how silver price discovery currently operates.


Find out about platinum investment fundamental factors such as annual supply, mining regions, industrial usages, and increasing investment demand.


Uncover palladium supply and demand factors, its longterm value vs gold, and how it is currently being used in real world industrial applications.


See information on rhodium, the least abundant of 5 precious metals listed here. Learn its supply and demand fundamentals plus its real world usages.


In order to make sound precious metal bullion purchases, bullion investors should learn basic precious metal supply and demand fundamentals for the respective metal they have interest in. Here at Kitco Metals, we have aggregated much of the precious metals industry's best expert resources in one section of our website so you can easily learn supply and demand fundamentals for either gold, silver, platinum, palladium, and rhodium before either buying bullion or selling bullion products.

Although futures contracts and derivative proxies may currently be influencing precious metal spot prices in the short and near term, long term bullion buyers and investors should learn today's physical supply and demand factors that ultimately influence price equilibrium reversions to the downside or upside over long timeframes and durations.

Over the longterm if demand for a particular physical precious metal is higher than its real world physical supply, the price for that respective physical precious metal will typically increase (and vice versa). Learn basic bullion investing fundamentals here at Kitco Metals Inc.