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Directory of Local Silver & Gold Dealers in Alberta, Canada

Located in western Canada, Alberta is one of Canada’s 13 provinces and territories. With a population of over four million citizens, Alberta is the most populated of the three Canadian prairie provinces.

The capital of Alberta is Edmonton with a metropolitan population of over 900,000 residents. The other large Alberta city is Calgary with some 1,267,000 inhabitants.

If you arrived on our website because you are thinking about either buying or selling physical precious metal items within Canada, it is important to know that some physical precious metals are taxed while some bullion items are fully exempt.

When either buying or selling from a local Canadian or online bullion dealer like Kitco Metals Inc., the following laws apply within the nation of Canada currently.

Canadian Precious Metal Tax Laws

According to the Canada Revenue Agency website:

Gold and platinum bars, coins, ingots, wafers, and rounds with a purity of .995 or more are exempt from taxes (GST & HST). For instance physical precious metal items like .9999 fine Canadian Gold Maple leaf coins and Platinum Maple Leaf coins are not sales taxed (with GST or HST) when either buying or selling them locally in Canada or online to Kitco Metals Inc.

Silver bars, coins, wafers, and rounds with a purity of .999 or more are also exempt from sales tax (GST & HST).  

For example items like .9999 fine Canadian Silver Bullion Bars are not GST/HST expensed when bought or sold within the nation of Canada.

Other precious metal items of lesser silver, gold, and platinum purities as well as all palladium and rhodium bullion items are not exempt from GST / HST sales taxes. For example both either an 18k gold necklace or a sterling silverware set sold for scrap would both constitute taxable transactions (see section #34 for more information).

Alberta Precious Metal Tax Rates

It is important for bullion buyers and sellers to know Canadian tax information regarding the types of products they are thinking of buying or selling. Choosing the wrong products can be tax prohibitive and detrimental to an investment’s overall profitability. Not every physical precious metal item bought or sold is taxable according to current Canadian tax statutes.

If you want to acquire more troy ounces for your currency, we suggest you buy low premium bullion items (made of fine .995+ gold or platinum and .999+ silver) from trusted local or online dealers like Kitco Metals.

For further local Canadian silver bullion and gold coin dealer information click on your specific region in Alberta below:

Calgary, Alberta Local Gold Silver Coin Dealers

Edmonton, Alberta Local Gold Silver Coin Dealers


Gold and Silver Dealers in Alberta

Finding a trusted local silver dealer or gold coin shop in Alberta province with high online ratings coupled with large volumes of positive online customer testimonials is not very easy. We set up this local Canadian gold dealer directory to help people find local Canadian bullion dealers who offer good prices and fair reputable services.

Whether you want to know where to buy gold in Alberta, where to buy silver in Alberta, where to sell gold in Alberta, or where to sell silver in Alberta, our local silver and gold Canadian guide is a good place to begin your research.

For an overview with more information on other local Canadian bullion dealers, click here.

Before you leave our local Alberta gold dealer directory, be sure to also get our 100% free Guide to Bullion Buying & Selling.

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