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Local Canada Silver & Gold Bullion Dealer Directory

Welcome to Kitco Metals’ local silver and gold dealer directory to buy or sell silver and gold in Canada.

Given our bullion business' economy’s of scale and that we are direct Authorized Purchasers of government bullion mint products (not mere retailers, but direct high volume wholesalers) we are often able to offer better prices than competing local gold dealers in both small and large Canadian cities.

Regardless we have listed some of the highest rated (based on publicly available Yelp & Google Reviews) and most popular Canadian coin dealers (included among them are also local Canadian gold silver bullion dealers) found amongst each of the 13 provinces of Canada.

To view local Canadian gold dealers in your province and region, click on your specific Canadian province in the map below:

Alberta Ontario New Brunswick Nova Scotia Nunavut Yukon Territory Prince Edward Island Manitoba Quebec Saskatchewan British Colombia New Foundland Labrador Northwest Territories



Canada Sales Tax Exemptions on certain Gold, Silver, & Platinum Precious Metal Items

Within Canada certain physical precious metal (gold, silver, or platinum) coins, bars, or rounds are exempt from sales taxes while certain precious metal bullion products are not exempt from sales taxes.

Whether you buy locally or from an online dealer like Kitco Metals Inc., the following precious metal sales tax exemption rules apply according to the Canada Revenue Agency website:

Precious metals

Definition of precious metal
ss 123(1)

27. A "precious metal" is a bar, ingot, coin or wafer of gold, platinum or silver that is refined to a purity level of at least

99.5% in the case of gold and platinum, and
99.9% in the case of silver.

[ MORE ]

Thus in Canada, a minimum of .995 gold or platinum and .999 silver bullion coins, bars, ingots, rounds, and wafers are currently GST / HST exempt meaning such items can be bought and sold within Canada without sales taxes added to their overall buy or sell prices.

Note too that Kitco Metals Inc. does not charges sales tax for any U.S.A. delivered transactions (although local U.S. state bullion buyers still may be liable to pay a local use tax at the end of the year depending upon their state's and or local municipality's laws).

Canadian Sales Taxes on non-exempt Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium, & Rhodium Items

For internal Canadian transactions, we along with other law abiding local Canadian bullion dealers do charge GST and HST sales taxes on non-exempt bullion items such as:

Canadian Sales Taxes on non-exempt Gold Jewelry, Silver Jewelry, & Platinum Jewelry

If you are selling scrap jewelry with gold, silver, and or platinum which do not meet the aforementioned purity or exempt precious metal form requirements, sales of these goods are sales taxable as well.

Further Canadian Precious Metal Sales Tax Information

Learn more on what the GST and HST sales taxes are for each of the 13 Canadian provinces by clicking here.


Bottom Line for Canadian Bullion Buyers

If you want to acquire more troy ounces for your currency, buy low premium bullion items (made of fine .995+ gold or platinum and .999+ silver) from trusted local or online dealers like Kitco Metals Inc.

Finding a trusted local coin store in Canada with high rating coupled with large volumes of real customers who have posted positive testimonials is not very easy. We set up this local directory to help people find a local Canadian bullion dealers who offer good prices and fair reputable services.

Given our online bullion business' economies of scale and that we are direct Authorized Purchasers of government bullion mint products (not mere retailers, but direct high volume wholesalers) we are often able to offer better prices than competing local precious metal dealers in both small and large Canadian cities.

Whether you want to know where to buy gold in Canada, where to buy silver in Canada, where to sell gold in Canada, or where to sell silver in Canada, our local silver and gold Canadian guide is a good place to begin your research.

Before you leave, be sure to also get our 100% FREE Guide to Buying & Selling Bullion.

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