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Buy 1 oz Silver Round .999-Celtic- Merlin (Antique)

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Buy 1 oz Silver Round .999- Celtic Lore- Merlin (Antique Finish)

Merlin the Wizard, one of the most famous characters in Arthurian legends. The magical powers of Merlin the Wizard enchant us through this 1 oz pure silver round. Merlin is the first of the Celtic Lore’s 1 oz silver round series. The silver wizard round is minted with raised, 3D artwork and an antique finish; fitting for a round that reflects well of the medieval times. The Osborne Mint has produced this magical round in 0.999 silver.

Merlin is the most well-known of all the wizards. You’ll find tales of Merlin in Arthurian Legends as a magician, a shapeshifter, a dragon master, and an advisor to King Arthur. Over the centuries, the lore of Merlin has taken different directions. From his childhood to his death, the mysteries and magic of the Welsh wizard are forever held in this 1oz pure silver round which is reflected by famous illustrator, Howard David Johnson’s, artwork and the three-dimensional designs of sculptor Luigi Badia.

Merlin is depicted on the obverse of this 1oz pure silver round. He is seen carrying his scepter and wearing a heavy and rich looking cloak. Celtic folklore reveals animals with mystic powers and hidden meanings; the owl hovering by Merlin’s side is said to be a talking owl. Hedgehogs walk at the wizard’s feet as the forest around the mystic trio appear snowy and bright. Celtic knots appear on the reverse of the 1 oz Silver Celtic round. Endless knots created by one cord result in this beautiful and traditional interlacing pattern which is still seen in artwork today.

If you or somebody you know is into magic, the folklore of King Arthur, or traditions and history of the Celts, the 1 oz Silver Merlin Celtic Lore Round with antique finish makes for a truly unique piece of silver to own. This silver round makes a magical gift for a child’s birthday, or to get them interested in collecting silver.

The 1 oz Merlin silver round was produced in a limited mintage of 2,000. Each round in this limited-edition series contains a serial number etched into its reeded edge. A certificate of authenticity with matching serial number comes with each round. Along with an assay card, each 1oz silver Merlin round is protected in an acrylic capsule.

Alongside the silver Merlin round, Celtic Lore Antique-finished silver 1 oz rounds are available and feature other well-known creatures and characters of the ancient tales, such as the 1oz Silver Welsh Dragon.  For more antique-finished silver, the Royal Canadian Mint’s 2018 1 oz Silver Gorgosaurus from the Ancient Canada series can also bring you back in time.

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About North American Mint and Anonymous Mint

The legends of the Celts are artfully portrayed in the five designs of the Celtic Lore series of 1 oz silver rounds. The Anonymous Mint has taken Celtic tales and transformed them into unique silver pieces with low mintage and has entrusted the production of these silver rounds to the North American Mint. Anonymous Mint worked with famous illustrator Howard David Johnson to bring these characters to world of silver coins. Anonymous Mint specializes in unique silver rounds with low mintage, and entrusts the production of these silver rounds to North American Mint.

The North American Mint is one of the finest family-run refineries in the world, with over three decades of experience beneath their belt. The LaMere family continues to work closely on the items that they produce, with a focus on technical mastery and stunning artistry.

In 2020, the North American Mint started working with Anonymous Mint to produce their stunning limited-edition bullion rounds.

Anonymous Mint specializes in unique silver rounds with low mintage, and entrusts the production of these silver rounds to North American Mint.

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  • Net Weight
    (precious metal content):
    1 oz t
  • Diameter: 39 mm
  • Fineness: .999
  • Condition: Uncirculated
  • Mintage: 2000
  • Finish: Antique
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