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Bid (USD)
Gold 1,475.20 0.07%
Silv 16.93 0.65%
Plat 895.00 0.22%
Pall 1,854.00 0.16%

0.8000 Pure Canadian Silver Coin (1966 or earlier)

$12.22 per t oz $0.39 per g

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Why sell old Canadian Silver Coins to Kitco?

Since 1977, Kitco has been both buying and selling old Canadian silver coins and other physical precious metal bullion products. Silver investors often sell old Canadian silver coins to us, given the competitive live junk silver coin prices we offer and the trust we have earned over the last +40 years of conducting business throughout the world.

Sell 80% Canadian Silver Coins to Kitco

We offer owners of old Canadian silver coins an easy way to sell junk Canadian silver coins (1966 or earlier) of 80% fineness live on our website. We have automated much of the junk silver coin selling process to make selling old Canadian silver coins easy, safe, private, and efficient.

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