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Voice ID

Kitco is dedicated to making your experience fast, convenient, and secure. Voice ID does just that, turn your voice into your password. Your password is as unique as your voice. 

It's simple to enroll, call customer service at 1 877-775-4826 and ask our representatives about Voice ID.

Voice ID does the work in the background as you talk with Kitco's customer service representative. Once your voiceprint is captured, there is nothing left for you to do. Your voice is now your password. 

Improving the security, and convenience of you account is completely free.

  1. What is Voice ID?

    Voice ID is a security feature that verifies you by the sound of your voice when you call us, allowing fast and secure access to your accounts.

    How does Voice ID work?

    Voice ID is a unique and secure voiceprint, created from more than 100 different physical and behavioral characteristics such as pitch, accent, shape of your mouth and vocal tract. Once your Voice ID is created, the next time you call we can use your voice to quickly verify it's you.

    Why should I enroll in Voice ID?

    We know that you have a lot of passwords and PINs to remember and answering security questions can be time consuming. Voice ID allows us to verify you by the sound of your voice.

    How do I start using Voice ID?

    Your Voice ID is created when you speak to one of our representatives. Once you’re enrolled you can start using Voice ID straight away.

    Is Voice ID secure?

    Voice ID is a great security measure to help protect you and your accounts, because unlike PINs, passwords, and the answers to security questions, nobody can steal your voice.

    As for your voiceprint, we store it as a mathematical equation that only works for verification with our system, so even if it were stolen it could not be used elsewhere.

    What if I have a cold?

    Hundreds of voice characteristics are represented in your voiceprint, only a few of which are affected by a cold. A health condition that severely affects your voice, such as laryngitis, may lead to a failed authentication - in this case we'll authenticate with other security questions.

    What happens if it doesn't work?

    Voiceprints are very reliable, but if you ever have problems, a representative can authenticate you with security questions. If your voiceprint fails to work repeatedly, we can delete your existing voiceprint and let you enroll again.

    I enrolled in Voice ID so why are you still asking security questions?

    There may be instances, like too much noise in the background, for us to make a positive verification using Voice ID. In that case, our representatives will ask you security questions to protect you and your accounts.

    What if I don't enroll?

    Voice ID is a faster security option for speaking with a representative. Without it, you'd have to continue to answer multiple security questions every time you call - even for routine inquiries.

    What if I enroll in Voice ID but decide I don't want to keep it?

    If you find that you don't enjoy quick, secure account access with Voice ID we can always un-enroll your voiceprint and on future calls we'd transfer you to a representative who will have to ask multiple security questions before giving you any account information.

    I'm concerned about privacy.

    I don't like the idea of you recording my voice. You already trust us to record your calls for quality and training purposes.  We treat that data with respect, just as we will treat your voiceprint with respect, which is just a digital representation of your voice that only works with our system; nobody could use it anywhere else.

    How did you create the Voice ID?

    We created your Voice ID by recording a sample of your voice. On the call where we created your Voice ID, we started by securely verifying you - to make sure only you can access your accounts with a voiceprint.

    Is a Voiceprint a recording?

    The Voice ID is a technology reduces each spoken word to segments composed of several dominant frequencies called formants. Each segment has several tones that can be captured in a digital format. The tones collectively identify the speaker's unique voice print. Voice prints are stored in databases in a manner similar to the storing of fingerprints or other biometric data.  A voiceprint is not a recording, or something that can be stolen. It can't be used to gain access to any other system or to create a recording of your voice.

    Do I need to use Voice ID?

    Using Voice ID is entirely optional, but recommended. Voice ID makes it is faster, more convenient, and secure, to access your account over the phone. If you prefer to answer authentication questions during the call, you can to do so.

    What if someone records my voice?

    Voice ID technology analyzes if the voice on the phone is recorded or a live person. If the technology is unsure the caller will be prompted to answer security questions on the account.

    How do I delete my Voiceprint ?

    If you no longer want to use the service, a customer service representative will be able to delete the voiceprint at your request. 

    Is Voice ID free?

    Increasing the convenience, speed, and security, on your account is entirely free.

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