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Bid (USD)
Gold 1,249.10 0.02%
Silv 16.82 0.24%
Plat 921.00 0.33%
Pall 859.00 0.47%

Sell 2016 1oz Silver Superman™ Bullion Coin : S-Shield

$16.32 ea.

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Description: 2016 1oz Silver Superman™ Bullion Coin : S-Shield

The MAN OF STEEL™ on the world’s most secure bullion coin.

Special features:

  • Premium frosting enhances the engraving in a unique way for a bullion coin.

  • The radial line pattern behind the S-Shield creates a stunning light diffracting effect, adding yet another dynamic element to the overall design.

  • Security features such as the precision radial line pattern, and the micro engraved textured maple leaf all combine to offer peace of mind to the secure investor.

  • Features a customized SUPERMAN™ bullion box label highly sought as a collectible piece.*

  • Each bullion tube is securely sealed at the Royal Canadian Mint with a customized and authentic SUPERMAN™ tamper proof seal.**

  • $5 denomination is one of the highest face values of any comparable silver 1oz. bullion coin on the market.

    *Multiples of 500 coins ship in authentic Superman™ Monster Box **Multiples of 25 coins ship in authentic Superman™ collectible tubes

  • Capsules/boxes for this coin:

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