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Sell Canadian 100 oz Silver Bars

$2,975.00 ea.

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Sell RCM 100 oz Silver Bars

Please verify and make sure your RCM bar is the same as the one in the pictures (pressed finish design). If this is not the case, please select 100 oz Silver Bar to sell 100 oz silver bullion bars.

The Canadian 100 oz Silver Bar made by the Royal Canadian Mint (RCM) is a cost-effective means of owning silver bullion in bulk quantities. These RCM 100 oz Silver Bars are popular amongst bulk silver bullion bar buyers and sellers.

Sell Canadian 100 oz Silver Bars today to Kitco and benefit from the Royal Canadian Mint’s silver bullion investment product popularity and security. For example, this RCM 100 oz Silver Bar has a stylized maple leaf similar to the laser mark security feature from the Royal Canadian Mint Silver Maple Leaf Coins

Additionally RCM 100 oz Silver Bars have individualized serial numbers now bordered by a series of vertically engraved lines, inspired by the Maple Leaf Silver Coins' radial line finish yet translated to the RCM 100 oz Silver Bar rectangular layout. The 100 oz Canadian Silver Bar retains the same dimensions and market-leading purity that it has had since its introduction, and will continue to be a key part of investment portfolios around the world.

Sell 100 oz Canadian Silver Bars on our online store or call us to complete the transaction. Sell 100 oz RCM Silver Bars to Kitco today.

Why sell RCM 100 oz Silver Bars from Kitco?

Kitco is a trusted leader in the silver bullion and physical precious metals industry. Silver and other physical precious metal items sold to Kitco are recognized in silver bullion markets around the world. With our core focus on silver bullion, you can benefit from our competitive silver bullion pricing and premiums in the silver bullion industry. 

At Kitco, we seek to make it easy for you to manage your tangible wealth. You can buy or sell silver bars and other physical precious metal products using our convenient online store, or by contacting our team of highly trained precious metals specialists. Backed by our global information network, Kitco has been proudly serving our customers since 1977.

  • The RCM 100 oz Silver Bar or RCM 100 oz Silver Bars you sell do not have to be in mint condition.


  • Net Weight
    (precious metal content):
    100 oz t
  • Gross Weight: 3.100 kg
  • Length: 184.20 mm
  • Width: 81.20 mm
  • Thickness: 21.20 mm
  • Fineness: .9999
Kitco Metals Inc. BBB Business Review

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