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90% Silver Coins - $100 Face Value Bag

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90% Silver Coins $100 Face Value Bag
Net Weight Gross Weight Face Value Specifications Purity
795 oz t 795 oz t USD 1,000 Each bag contains approx. 715 oz of silver 90%
397.5 oz t 397.5 oz t USD 500 Each bag contains approx. 357.5 oz of silver 90%
79.5 oz t 79.5 oz t USD 100 Each bag contains approx. 71.5 oz of silver 90%

Referred to by the popular misnomer of "junk silver bags", these canvas bags are filled with pre-circulated 90% silver coins that are legal tender in the United States. They offer several distinct advantages over other forms of bullion, especially for those seeking small increments of barter. Priced to move, these bags are sold at a very low premium over the spot silver price and are an affordable, readily liquefiable investment. In addition to the $100 face value silver bag, Kitco offers $500 and $1,000 face value bags.