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A convenient, secure and cost-effective option

Many people like to retain physical possession of their precious metals. But if you would rather avoid the costs and complications of shipping, insurance and arranging for storage, we have the perfect option for you — Kitco Pool Accounts.

Kitco Pool Accounts are a cost-effective means of buying, owning and selling gold, silver, platinum, palladium and rhodium. Kitco Pool Account holders own a share of a pool of precious metals held securely by Kitco Metals Inc. By using a Kitco Pool Account to buy and sell precious metals, you can:

  • Cut out the brokers, traders and middle-men
  • Eliminate commissions, shipping, storage or insurance charges
  • Have your metals held in secure storage facilities
  • Get real-time quotes and enjoy small spreads
  • Buy or sell online or over the phone*
  • Buy or sell via our all-new mobile online store*
  • Take physical delivery of your holding at any time**


Online transactions incur a transaction fee of $8.98 and transactions conducted over the phone incur a transaction fee of $14.99.


Relevant fees are charged for physical delivery and/or the conversion of pool holdings for physical metal.

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