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Ask (USD)
Gold 1,778.40 0.49%
Silv 22.18 0.49%
Plat 1,042.00 0.19%
Pall 1,957.00 0.46%

Low Price Silver & Gold Deals at Kitco

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Below you will find our latest bullion sale items, low price silver bullion, and gold deals with live dynamic pricing:

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1 kg Gold Good Delivery List Bar USD $58,436.53 ea.
USD $58,286.53 ea.
1+ $58,286.53 N/A N/A
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1 kilo Gold Bar - Engelhard (vintage)
1 kilo Gold Bar - Engelhard (vintage) USD $58,128.34 ea.
USD $57,979.34 ea.
1+ $57,979.34 N/A N/A
Blue ribbon saying Great Deal
1 oz Palladium Bar 0.9995
1 oz Palladium Bar 0.9995 USD $2,057.00 ea.
USD $2,027.00 ea.
1+ $2,027.00 $2,111.46 $2,111.46

Discount Gold deals, Silver Bars and Silver Coins on sale

Established in 1977, Kitco has safely delivered millions of ounces of low price gold and silver bullion bars and coins to customer’s doors or to their fully insured, non-bank bullion storage accounts.

By buying the lowest price gold and lowest price silver, you can acquire more ounces of bullion coins and bullion bars with your capital.

This discount gold coin price page is designed to give bullion buyers great deals on various gold bars, silver bars, gold coins, and silver coins from Kitco’s inventory. 

Buying Silver & Buying Gold Bullion at Low Prices

Are you looking for:

Low Priced Silver & Gold Deals

It is often the goal of bullion buyers to acquire their bullion bars and coins at the lowest price over the respective fluctuating precious metal spot price.

By bookmarking this Kitco Metals Deal page, you can easily find our latest gold discount and silver sales items.

Looking for the best Gold Coin Prices?

Often we have sales on golden coins, like the popular American Gold Eagles which ship in protective plastic gold tubes produced by the US Mint.

Buying gold bars at low premiums over spot gold prices is easy to do with this Kitco Metals gold deal page.

Want more information on how to buy and sell gold? How to buy and sell silver?

Please reach out to our first class Customer Service Representatives by email <info@kitco.com> or by calling them at 1 877 775-4826 (US and Canada) or at 1 514 313-9999 (Worldwide).

Kitco Metals Inc. BBB Business Review
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