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4 x QUADRUM Capsule VOLTERRA Coin Box

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Capsules are sold separately.

4 x QUADRUM Capsule VOLTERRA Coin Box

This elegant Volterra Coin Box comes in a mahogany wood-grain finish, complete with padded lid, a black satin lining, and a ribbon which can hold a certificate of authenticity. The molded black velour insert covers the solid coin box construction. This wood coin box has gold-plated hinges and a secure magnetic closure. It holds 4 Quadrum coin capsules with standard 50 x 50 mm exterior size measurements. 

Kitco offers the 4 Quadrum Coin Capsule Volterra Coin Box for sale on our online store. It makes a perfect gift box for bullion or collectible coins. 

This box fits coins such as:


  • Color: Mahogany (Wood-grain finish)
  • Capsule Type: QUADRUM
  • Capsule Quantity: 4
5.0 stars - based on 1 reviews
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