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Buy The World of Leading Bullion Coins Book

The World of Leading Bullion Coins details a historical account of each mint, including stunning product photography of the full suite of their coins available for the investor community. Together, these represent the vast majority of those traded in the international market. This book also touches on why gold continues to resonate with the investor community and looks at some of the other ways in which coin investors can gain exposure to precious metals.

In addition to gold, The World of Leading Bullion Coins charts the development of silver bullion coins and the more recent additions of platinum, and, finally,  palladium coins.

About Metals Focus

Metals Focus is one of the world’s leading precious metals consultancies. We specialize in research into the global gold, silver, platinum and palladium markets producing regular reports, forecasts and bespoke consultancy. The Metals Focus team has an exhaustive range of contacts across the world. We regularly present at international conferences and seminars on precious metals. We are also frequently quoted in the media for our views on the precious metals markets. Metals Focus is dedicated to delivering world class statistics, analysis and forecasts for the precious metals markets. 


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