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Buy 150 oz Silver Kitco INCUSE INDIAN Cache Kit

Sorry, this item is out of stock.
Please call 1 877 775-4826 or 514 313-9999 for more information.

Buy Silver Kitco Cache Kits

This Silver Cache Kits are offered for sale exclusively at Kitco Metals. 

Given the risks in today's environment, it just makes sense to prepare. At any time life can change for any of us, that is why we believe you have to be prepared for the unexpected to happen at any time. This is why we created the Kitco Silver Cache Kits.

Kitco Silver INCUSE INDIAN Cache Kit contents: 

This Cache Kit contains  mint fresh fractional silver rounds made from fine .999 silver bullion contained in protective mint tubes. Best price for emergency silver needs: survival silver, silver barter, trade and exchange. 

PLEASE NOTE the silver rounds you will receive in this 150 oz Silver INCUSE INDIAN Kitco Cache Kit depends on the inventory we have at the moment. Your Silver Kitco Cache Kit may include only one type or more of the following items: 

  • 1/10 oz Indian Fractional Silver Rounds
  • 1/4 oz Indian Fractional Silver Rounds
  • 1/2 oz Indian Fractional Silver Rounds
  •  1 oz Indian Silver Rounds

These rounds have a popular Incuse Indian design and are made by the Golden State Mint (a reputable private silver mint). 

Made of fine .999 silver bullion, each silver round is stamped with its troy ounce weight and .999 fine silver purity providing an easy way to calculate the value of each round.

This kit serves many purposes, including: silver investment, inflation hedge as well as survival and emergency preparedness. It is considered to be better than 90% junk silver bags because of its lower price per ounce of fine silver bullion, and because of its “easier to calculate” troy ounce sizes value. 

The Kitco Silver Cache Kit’s exclusive packaging protects your survival silver from moisture and water damage. Each 150 oz Silver Cache Kit includes a hinged and lockable lid. The container is water resistant, complete with a tongue and groove design. It is able to be firmly secured with a brass latch. A durable ammo box, its heavy-duty handle allows for easy carry. 

Priced and packaged for situation-ready silver preppers.

About the Golden State Mint

Golden State Mint (GSM) is a recognized full-service precious metals refinery that has been in the precious metals business for 40 years. Some of their affiliations include the International Precious Metals Institute (IMPI) and the Industry Council for Tangible Assets (ICTA). The Golden State Mint offers a broad range of gold and silver bullion for the savvy buyer.

Why choose Kitco?

Kitco is the trusted leader in the precious metals industry. Gold, silver and other precious metals sold by Kitco are recognized in bullion markets around the world. With our core focus on gold and silver bullion, you benefit from pricing and premiums that are highly competitive in the industry. At Kitco, we make it easy for you to manage your wealth. You can buy and sell your gold, silver and other precious metals using our convenient online store, or by contacting our team of highly trained precious metals specialists. Backed by our global information network, Kitco is proudly serving our customers since 1977.


  • Net Weight
    (precious metal content):
    150 oz t
  • Gross Weight: 12 lb. / 5.45 kg
  • Fineness: .999
  • Condition: Brilliant Uncirculated
  • Length (box): 11.5" (288 mm)
  • Width (box): 5" (135 mm)
  • Height (box): 7.25" (183 mm)
  • IRA/RSP Approved: IRA
Kitco Metals Inc. BBB Business Review

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