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Buy 1 oz Silver Coin-The Nightmare Before Christmas .999

Sorry, this item is out of stock.
Please call 1 877 775-4826 or 514 313-9999 for more information.

1 oz Silver Coin- The Nightmare Before Christmas

Celebrate Disney’s classic movie with this Seriously Spooky 1 oz Silver Coin- The Nightmare Before Christmas .999.

Originating as a poem by Tim Burton in 1982, The Nightmare Before Christmas tells the story of Jack Skellington who accidentally stumbles through a portal from Halloween Town into Christmas Town. Jack, the Pumpkin King, bored of celebrating Halloween the same way each year and awed with the magic of Christmas, attempts to recreate it in Halloween style. Unfortunately the residents of Halloween Town fail to grasp the idea of Christmas. He ultimately decides that it's unfair for Christmas Town alone to enjoy the holiday and announces that he and the citizens of Halloween Town will take over Christmas this year.

A lonely ragdoll, Sally, senses trouble for her secret love, Jack,  and tries effortless to help prevent a disaster. Unfortunately to no avail. Jack creates a nightmare for little girls and boys everywhere by accidentally putting Santa in jeopardy. Ultimately Jack rights his wrongs with Santa, and Jack and Sally declare their love for each other.

In the final scene Jack Skellington and Sally are on Spiral Hill, looking at each other as they realize they were always meant to be together. This 1 oz Pure Silver Coin depicts the final scene in a striking colored and engraved composition.

This .999 silver coin  is nestled inside a velvet lining in a miniature coffin coin case with a themed certificate of authenticity. The coffin is presented in a themed glow-in-the-dark outer box.

Celebrate Tim Burton’s classic stop motion animated movie originally released in New York in 1993, with this beautiful 1 oz Pure Silver Coin- The Nightmare Before Christmas.

The perfect gift, or addition to your collection! Disney, Tim Burton, and silver lovers alike will scream for joy opening this seriously spooky coin!

Get your  limited mintage 1 oz Silver Coin- The Nightmare Before Christmas .999 from Kitco today!

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  • Net Weight
    (precious metal content):
    1 oz t
  • Diameter: 40 mm
  • Fineness: .999
  • Condition: Uncirculated
  • Mintage: 10,000
  • Face Value: $2 NZD
Kitco Metals Inc. BBB Business Review
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