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10 oz Silver Bar .999 - Joker Girl

Sorry, this item is out of stock.
Please call 1 877 775-4826 or 514 313-9999 for more information.

** Disclaimer: Red and black paint are used to highlight certain features on this bar. The rest of the bar does not have any color, although different finishes of silver are used to accentuate select characteristics. Tilting the bar at different angles, may make the Joker Girl image appear slightly different.

Buy 10 oz Silver Bar- Joker Gril

Buy 10 oz Silver Bar  Joker Girl exclusively at Kitco. This collectible silver bullion piece contains 10 troy ounces of .999 fine silver bullion and is minted exclusively for Kitco in the USA.

The unique Joker Girl 10 oz silver bullion bar is a sassy interpretation of the traditional Joker from a deck of playing cards. This stylish design is an extension of Kitco™s exclusive Ace bar set, which contains 4 ten ounce bars, one each of the Ace of Spades, Ace of Clubs, Ace of Diamonds, and Ace of Hearts.

If you love silver bars, and you appreciate the beauty of a unique design, this 10 oz silver bar is perfect to give or to hold. Custom made and available only at Kitco, our Joker Girl 10 oz silver bar is definitely not just another boring 10 oz silver bar design. It is the first ever use of color in a custom designed silver bar at Kitco. It is a fine .999 silver bar perfect for anyone who loves silver bullion and who will appreciate a truly unique addition to their silver collection.

The beautiful 10 oz Silver Joker Girl Bar comes encapsulated in a protective acrylic capsule, and with a black and gold decorative sleeve.

The limited quantity production and exquisite design makes Kitco's beautiful 10 oz Silver Bar  Joker Girl a great addition to your silver collection. Keep her to yourself, or give her as a unique gift for the card lovers and poker players on your holiday gift list.

Buy 10 oz Silver Bar - Joker Girl from Kitco today.


  • Net Weight
    (precious metal content):
    10.023 oz t
  • Fineness: .999
  • Condition: Uncirculated
Kitco Metals Inc. BBB Business Review
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