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Buy 10 oz Silver Bars - Ace of Spades


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Buy 10 oz Silver Bars Ace of Spades

Buy 10 oz Ace of Spades Silver Bars exclusively at Kitco.

These unique genuine 10 oz silver bullion bars are struck with a gorgeous interpretation of the Ace of Spades.

Our 10 oz Silver Bar Ace of Spades is definitely not just another  generic 10 oz silver bar. This 10 oz Ace of Spades Silver Bars from Kitco is an exclusive item for the silver bullion bar lover who is looking for a truly unique item to own and to give.

The Kitco 10 oz Silver Bar Ace of Spades is a collectible silver bullion work of art. It contains 10 oz of .999 fine silver bullion and is minted exclusively for Kitco by SMI (Sunshine Mint Inc. of the USA).

This beautiful 10 oz Silver Bar Ace of Spades design comes encapsulated in protective acrylic casing with a stylish black and gold sleeve wrap reminiscent of a box of playing cards.

Playing cards have existed for centuries, and the Ace of Spades is usually considered the highest card in the deck. It has been a part of pop culture and music, and has even been known as the "death card". The Ace of Spades is also one of the cards in the "dead man's hand", a poker hand with a legendary curse.

The detailed design and limited quantity production makes Kitco's exclusive 10 oz Silver Bar Ace of Spades a great addition to your silver collection. It is a unique and valuable gift for the card lover or poker player on your list.

The Ace of Spades is 1 of 4 designs available in this 10 oz Silver Bar Poker Series. Limited quantities of these unique 10 oz Silver Bars have been designed and minted in each of the 4 different suits (Hearts, Diamonds, Clubs and Spades).

The four distinct Silver Bullion Poker Bar designs are available as a set of 4 Silver Bars, sold in an elegant wood gift box. They may also be purchased individually on our silver bullion bar page.

Buy 10 oz Silver Bar Ace of Spades from Kitco today.

About the Sunshine Minting, Inc

Founded in 1979 and with centuries of cumulative experience, SMI is a full service minting facility that is well known to help redefine global standards and respected in the industry as a leader. The mint specializes in producing gold and silver bullion in both round and bar form. Despite the fact that Sunshine is a North American mint, their products have gained renown from all over the world.

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  • Fineness: .999
  • Condition: Uncirculated
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