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1/4 oz Silver Coin - Birthstone - July .9999

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 2018 1/4 oz Silver Coin - Birthstone - July .9999

The new 12 coin birthstone series from the Royal Canadian Mint has added a seventh silver coin, the Ruby. The pure silver July Birthstone coin features an intricate frosted and painted mandala pattern, plus a genuine Swarovski® crystal to representing the July birthstone, a brilliant red ruby.

As the heat of summer warms us in the month of July, so too the vibrant red color of the ruby colored crystal on this Birthstone coin will bring a warm smile to anyone on your gift list in July. A symbol of passion and energy, the deep red ruby has been called the “king of precious gems”. The ruby was traditionally believed to bring prosperity and was also used by ancient warriors on decorative armor to help protect them from harm. Its red color also associates the ruby with love and passion. This pure silver coin with its ruby colored Swarovski crystal is a perfect birthday present in July. With its symbolism of love, it is also a great wedding present or wedding shower gift for a July marriage.

To develop the Birthstone series of fine silver collectible coins, the Royal Canadian Mint reached out to Canadian artist Pandora Young. She developed each coin based on an Indian mandala design. Each of the 12 points on the motif represents one of the 12 months of the calendar year.  The latest in minting technology ensures that the Royal Canadian Mint's technical team can add detailed color to each freshly minted coin, to match the birthstone of each month. The final step in production of each coin is the addition of a genuine Swarovski® crystal. The crystal reflects the color and design of the gemstone for each month - in July the beautiful ruby.

The Royal Canadian Mint has produced a very limited mintage of only 4,000 of each birthstone coin. That’s the total for worldwide production, so they will go fast! Each 2018 1/4 oz Silver Coin - Birthstone - July .9999 comes encapsulated, and with an attractive gift box.

For our growing collection of other unique bullion presents and gold and silver gift ideas, we recommend you bookmark the Gift Ideas section of Kitco’s online store. We also have an entire page dedicated to products from the Royal Canadian Mint.

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