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Buy 1 oz Rhodium Tuvalu South Sea Dragon Coin

Sorry, this item is out of stock.
Please call 1 877 775-4826 or 514 313-9999 for more information.

Buy 1 oz Rhodium Tuvalu South Sea Dragon Coin

First mintage of only 1,000 coins!

Baird & Co., Britain’s only gold refinery has launched the world's first legal tender coin made of rhodium: the Tuvaluan $100 Coin.

Rhodium is the one of the world’s rarest metals.  It is a brittle metal which when refined metamorphoses into a dazzlingly bright, silver metal.  A member of the platinum family, rhodium is 100 times rarer than gold. Baird & Co is the first company to develop the technology to manufacture rhodium bars, coins and jewelry that are machinable and not brittle.

The Tuvaluan $100 Coin is similar in size to the UK’s £2 coin and also features the Queen’s head.  That is where the similarity ends:  the face value is 100 Tuvaluan dollars (approximately £55).  The coin won’t scratch or tarnish - rhodium is highly resistant.

The coins are legal tender in the South Pacific island of Tuvalu, a member of the Commonwealth which became independent from Britain in 1978. 


DISCLAIMER: This product is taxable for Canadian Residents. 

About Baird & Co.

Baird & Co. was established in 1967, dealing in collectible gold coins first, the firm moved towards high volume bullion gold dealing as government restrictions eased in the early 1970s. By 1975, Baird & Co. was actively 'making a market' by quoting both bullion buy and sell prices for banks, stockbrokers, coin dealers, retail, wholesale jewelers, and other high volume traders in bullion gold coins. Baird & Co. became one of the UK's leading trading houses in the 1970s and early 1980 precious metal bull markets.

Bullion Storage

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  • Net Weight
    (precious metal content):
    1 oz t
  • Gross Weight: 31.2 g
  • Diameter: 32.69 mm
  • Fineness: .999
  • Face Value: TVD 100
  • Year: 2018
Kitco Metals Inc. BBB Business Review

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