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Buy Silver Bull Statue

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Silver Bull Statue

A beautiful Silver Bull Statue, a symbol of love in pure 999 silver.

The silver bull represents a wedding tradition of love, loyalty and respect. This limited edition Silver Bull statue contains 105 gr of .999 fine silver, Minted in South Africa by Metal Concentrators.

A traditional custom practiced by many Southern African tribes, Lobola is part of the saving of a dowry paid to a woman’s family by her future husband before he marries her. Lobola is a symbol of love in the African tradition. Because cows have such an important meaning and high value in much of African culture, they are traditionally respected more than money. A man is seen to truly love his partner when he strives to save and pay for lobola. Representing the true love between partners, this  silver bull is a unique and valuable wedding gift.

The Nguni Pure Silver Bull, a modern day representation of the lobola tradition, was created by Lungisa Kala, an artist based in the Eastern Cape.

Don’t miss your opportunity to buy this beautiful African silver bull statue today! The .999 pure Silver Bull statue has a very limited worldwide mintage of only 500.

DISCLAIMER: This product is taxable for Canadian Residents. 



About Metals Concentrators

Metal Concentrators is a pioneer in the field of refining, manufacturing and supplying precious metals in South Africa. The company has earned a reputation for being an industry trendsetter giving technical support to South African Jewellery manufacturers. Established in 1989, Metal Concentrators has refineries in Johannesburg and Cape Town and a satellite branch in Durban. It also has a team of representatives who serve the South African precious metals industry.

Metal Concentrators was the first company to receive permission from the South African Diamond and Jewellery Regulator and the South African Reserve Bank to produce and sell minted gold, silver and platinum bars. The Company’s operation is fully compliant with the provisions of the Mining Charter and was the first South African company to receive dual certification (Chain of Custody and Code of Practice Certificates attached) from the Responsible Jewellery Council in London. This certification acknowledges high levels of integrity in gold trading. Metal Concentrators was also the first company in South Africa to formulate and produce nickel-free alloys in compliance with the EU Nickel Release Standard.

Metal Concentrators has made a substantial contribution to the growth of the South African jewellery industry by supporting the goals of the Jewellery Manufacturers Association. The Platinum Design Competition, known as ‘’PlatAfrica’, was initiated by the Company together with Anglo Platinum to further that goal.

Today Metal Concentrators is focusing on another goal: The Evolution of African Wealth. To create nation building precious metal products accessible to all South Africans. To expand South Africa’s precious metal footprint in the rest of the world through the world class manufacturing of bullion and heritage products which represent South Africa with dignity and respect. As the only South African refinery to buy back its own products in South Africa, the risk to the end consumer is radically diminished. The new investor who wants to start investing in precious metals can trade fearlessly with a company who understands the need to expand and store wealth by buying back at any time their own precious metal products at market related rates.


  • Net Weight
    (precious metal content):
    105 g
  • Fineness: .999
  • Condition: Pristine
  • Mintage: 500
Kitco Metals Inc. BBB Business Review
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