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Gold Cufflinks - 1/10th oz Gold Eagle (various years)

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Currently Available in the US only.

Buy Degussa 1/10th oz Gold Eagle Cufflinks

Wear your pride in America! These 22 karat gold American Eagle cufflinks are a truly unique gift for Dad, grandpa, or even for yourself to wear and enjoy forever.

The front side of the gold eagle cufflinks, shows the same design as the famous 1oz Gold American Eagle coin. A male eagle hovers above a nesting female eagle and her hatchlings, presenting her with an olive branch, combining the symbol of peace with the strength and power of America's national symbol. The diameter of these 1/10th oz gold American Eagle cufflinks is 18.2 mm (about 0.72 inches). The coins sit in a rose gold bezel, with a rose gold post that extends from the back of the head. These meticulously handcrafted gold cufflinks are from Degussa-Goldhandel, and are exclusive to Kitco in North America.

Like all American gold eagle coins, these gold cufflinks, are fashioned from beautiful 22 karat gold. Made from an alloy of gold with a small amount of copper, 22 karat gold provides greater resistance to scratches and wearing than the softer 24 karat gold used to make gold coins like the Canadian Gold Maple Coin and the British Gold Britannia Coin. Because of the small amount of copper alloy, these cufflinks, like American Eagle gold coins, have a distinctive and attractive rose-gold color.

First authorized by the US Congress in the 1985 Bullion Coin Act, the gold American Eagle coin has been produced by the US Mint since 1986. Bullion dealers, gold investors and coin collectors are most familiar with the 1 oz gold eagle coin, but not all buyers are aware that the gold eagle coin is also available in 1/2th oz, 1/4th oz, and the 1/10th oz size that forms the base for these cufflinks. In overall sales volumes, the 22k American Gold Eagle Coin is the world's most popular modern gold bullion coin.

A pair of gold cufflinks like these would be a unique present for Dad on Father's Day, a perfect Christmas gift for Grandpa, or a much-appreciated present for any well-dressed man on his birthday. These Gold American Eagle cufflinks could be a terrific present for a colleague or business partner to celebrate business success or finally closing that big sale. The men in your life will surely appreciate a truly unique gift like these gold cufflinks.

A wonderful way to hold and wear gold, American Eagle cufflinks are available only while supplies last.

DISCLAIMER: This product is taxable for Canadian Residents. 


  • Gross Weight: 15.5 g (pair)
  • Fineness: .9167 (coins) 18 K Rose Gold (exterior)
  • Condition: Pristine
5.0 stars - based on 1 reviews
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