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Buy 1 oz Silver Round .999 -Anne Stokes-Kindred Spirits

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Buy 1 oz Silver Round .999 - Anne Stokes – Kindred Spirits (Proof)

This beautiful 1 oz Silver Proof Round - Kindred Spirits is the second silver round in the Anne Stokes series by Anonymous Mint.  Master Sculptor Luigi Badia is credited with creating sculpts that give the images a three-dimensional appearance.  These exquisite, fantastical, limited edition rounds have been struck at Osborne Coinage, America’s oldest private mint. 

This pure silver round  with proof finish depicts a young, fair-haired royal maiden meeting with a dragon that is wrapped securely around a tree.  The two gaze knowingly at each other while the maiden rests her hand on the dragon’s tail.  The maiden’s spike-antlered crown matches the dragon’s spiked horns on its head. 

The standard reverse of the series features an iconic dragon design by Anne Stokes. The overhead view of a dragon encircled perfectly by its wingspan and the dragon’s turned, uplifted head and curved, spiked tail.  This specific design has appeared in various other artworks by Anne and has also been fashioned into a necklace pendant.  Across the top rocker of the coin reads the text Anne Stokes Dragons while the bottom center text displays weight and purity.

The fantasy art of Anne Stokes features life-like portrayals of art themes ranging from the romantic and mystical to the dark underworld of gothic subjects. Originally from London, England, Anne Stokes began her career as a merchandise designer for bands including the Rolling Stones and Queen.  Her early illustrations were also featured in Dungeons and Dragons. Today Anne continues to produce and expand the ranges of her highly acclaimed artwork.

This is a limited edition coin with only 3000 available worldwide! Add it to your collection, or gift it to your favorite fantasy art, Dungeons and Dragons, or Game of Thrones fan.

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About Anonymous Mint and Osborne Mint 

This beautiful series of dragon coins features the art work of Anne Stokes, one of the top fantasy artists. Anonymous Mint worked with Anne stokes to bring her fantasy designs to beautiful 1 oz Silver Rounds. Anonymous Mint specializes in unique silver rounds with low mintage, and entrusts the production of these silver rounds to Osborne Mint.

As the oldest private Mint in America, Osborne traces its roots back to 1835  Specializing in die struck 1 oz .999 silver proof and antique rounds, 1 oz AVDP copper coins, copper bars (ingots) and medallions. Osborne Mint is the leader in custom minted, numismatic quality silver rounds, copper rounds and bars. Their secure die vaults contain tooling for historically significant coins like the campaign medallions used by Illinois Senator Abraham Lincoln during his presidential candidacy in 1860. Known by many historic trade names, including Z Bizbee, Murdock, Osborne Register and ORCO, the business has been a trusted name in private minting for over 175 years. Products made by Osborne are manufactured to strict standards for metal purity, weight and dimensions. They proudly stand behind the tens of millions of coins they make every year.

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  • Net Weight
    (precious metal content):
    1 oz t
  • Diameter: 39 mm
  • Fineness: .999
  • Condition: Uncirculated
  • Mintage: 2000
  • Finish: Proof