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Buy 1 oz Silver Round .999-Celtic- Welsh Dragon (Antique)

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Buy 1 oz Silver Round .999-Celtic- Welsh Dragon (Antique Finish)

Such a powerful mythological creature is depicted on this 1 oz pure silver round. The Welsh Red Dragon is the third of the Celtic Lore’s 1 oz silver round series. The silver dragon is minted with raised, 3D artwork and an antique finish which truly adds to the time and place this silver dragon brings you to. The Osborne Mint has produced this limited edition round in 999 silver.

The Celtic Lore silver 1 oz round series highlights original artwork by famous artist and illustrator Howard David Johnson. In addition to Johnson’s art, three-dimensional details, crafted by sculptor Luigi Badia for these .999 silver rounds, is visible in the dragon’s features; the scales of this silver dragon, and the stone-walled castle floating in the fog that surrounds it.

The obverse of the pure silver round features the Welsh Red Dragon, which we hear about in tales of King Arthur and legends of Merlin, the wizard. Dragons are used today as symbols to represent guardians of power and wisdom and can be seen on the flag of Wales. On the reverse of the 1 oz silver round, you’ll see an intricate Celtic knot pattern. Celtic knot art uses an interlacing pattern consisting of an endless knot and was used extensively in century-old Celtic artwork.

For those into fantasy, Celtic traditions, mythical creatures, or the kid in us that believes in dragons, the 1 oz silver Welsh Red Dragon round makes a great gift to cherish for as long as these fire breathing dragon stories are old. Its antique style finish adds a uniqueness that every silver lover and coin collector should include in their collection.

The perfect gift birthday or gift for a Celtic Lore aficionado, or a Father's Day gift for a dragon lover. The 1 oz Silver Welsh Red Dragon is available in limited mintage of 2,000 and each round has a serial number etched into its edge.  A certificate of authenticity with matching serial number comes with each round. Your Celtic silver dragon round is protected in an acrylic capsule.

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About Anonymous Mint and Osborne Mint 

The five designs presented in the Celtic Lore series of 1 oz silver rounds pay homage to Celtic traditions and artwork. The Anonymous Mint has taken Celtic folklore and transformed them into unique silver rounds with low mintage and has entrusted the production of these silver rounds to the Osborne Mint. Anonymous Mint worked with famous illustrator Howard David Johnson’to bring these characters to world of silver coins. Anonymous Mint specializes in unique silver rounds with low mintage, and entrusts the production of these silver rounds to Osborne Mint.

As the oldest private Mint in America, Osborne traces its roots back to 1835  Specializing in die struck 1 oz .999 silver proof and antique rounds, 1 oz AVDP copper coins, copper bars (ingots) and medallions. Osborne Mint is the leader in custom minted, numismatic quality silver rounds, copper rounds and bars. Their secure die vaults contain tooling for historically significant coins like the campaign medallions used by Illinois Senator Abraham Lincoln during his presidential candidacy in 1860. Known by many historic trade names, including Z Bizbee, Murdock, Osborne Register and ORCO, the business has been a trusted name in private minting for over 175 years. Products made by Osborne are manufactured to strict standards for metal purity, weight and dimensions. They proudly stand behind the tens of millions of coins they make every year.

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